What if doctors could diagnose Autism and Alzheimer’s at earlier stages?

Neurocog will make it happen.

NeuroCog Leverages Advanced Cognitive Testing And Monitoring, Eye-Tracking Technology, And Artificial Intelligence Algorithms To Enable Early And Non-Invasive Detection Of Cognitive Decline.

You can't improve if you don't measure

Advanced neurocognitive assessment through remote eye tracking technology.

How we do it

Advanced neurocognitive assessment through remote eye tracking technology.

  • Non-invasive
  • Early detection
  • Comprehensive


NeuroCog aims to contribute to the global goal of reducing the burden of dementia by 50% by 2030. Through continuous detection capabilities and personalized treatment approaches, we strive to improve the management and care of individuals with neurocognitive disorders. By empowering healthcare professionals with advanced tools and insights, we enable timely interventions and enhance the quality of life for patients and their families.


To create a future where humanity defy the limitations of aging, NeuroCog envisions a world where exceptional cognitive function is sustained beyond 100 years. Through cognitive health monitoring and AI-powered clinical decision support system, we empower people to lead vibrant and fulfilling lives, embracing the boundless possibilities of an ageless mind.